June 10, 2018

moonfly - A dark color scheme for Vim

It is now just on a year since the first public release of the moonfly color scheme for Vim.

Happy birthday :tada: :tada:

Yes, there are numerous color schemes already, apologies for creating one more :wink:


The moonfly color scheme in actuality dates back to early 2014 and was initially inspired by the Monokai theme as then used by default in the Sublime text editor.

I liked Monokai, but I wanted a theme with a darker background along with less vivid colors. Also, soon after the Atom editor hit the scene with its nice One Dark Syntax theme.

These existing themes, along with others, provided the basis to combine into a single palette the colors and choices that pleased my eye the most, along with a few color tweaks here and there.

The moonfly color scheme is indeed somewhat of a rogue :smiling_imp:


The moonfly name was motivated by the ridiculous names the NSA uses for its covert surveillance programs, such as: egotistical giraffe, fox acid, cult weave and eggs mayhem to name a few.






The font in use is Iosevka.


When used in command-line Vim, a 256-color terminal will be required. This color scheme also supports the newer termguicolors true color option available in modern versions of Vim and Neovim.

A number of languages and Vim plugins are supported.

Installation details are provided here.

The moonfly color scheme is completely free, MIT licensed.


The vim-one color scheme is a light and dark theme derived from Atom’s One Dark Syntax theme.

one screenshot

The Nova color sheme is a flat pastel theme that is designed to be easy on the eye.

Nova screenshot

Both are superb themes.